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Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA): Replace the Deicer, not the Structure


  • Low corrosion: less corrosive than tap water
  • Safe for concrete: the safest deicer for concrete
  • Excellent inhibitor: reduces chloride corrosion
  • Safe for the environment: biodegradable, low toxicity
  • Residual effect: requires fewer applications
  • Multi-purpose: use straight, with salt, with sand, or as a liquid


  • Works best above 20°F (-7°C)
  • Has long lasting effect - better than salt or urea
  • Breaks/inhibits bond between snow/ice and pavement
  • Creates a dry, powdery snow which improves traction


  • Apply early in the storm to prevent snow/ice bonding
  • First application: Commercial = 15-20 lbs./1000 ft2 (75-100 g/m2)
  • Highway = 300-400 lbs./lane mile (20-40 g/m2)
  • Wait at least 20 minutes to remove snow/ice
  • Re-apply when new snow/ice accumulation shows first tendency to pack (bond)


  • Biodegrades to CO2 and H2O
  • Calcium and magnesium increase soil permeability
  • Essentially non-toxic to aquatic species
  • Poor mobility in soil – unlikely to reach groundwater
  • Safe for vegetation
  • Does not contain nitrogen, sodium, or chlorides


  • May be stored indefinitely if kept dry
  • Take care to avoid caking caused by excess moisture
  • Excessive handling may cause dustiness
CMA Product Specifications
Composition Calcium Magnesium Acetate (CMA)  
  3:7 Ca to Mg molar ratio  
  Hydrated CMA 96% minimum  

Inert Material 4% maximum

Particle Size Sieve % Passing  
  4 90%  
  14 10%  
Shape Hard spherical pellet, or angular asymmetrical granules  
Bulk Density 40 lbs./ft3 to 44 lbs./ft3  
  (0.65 g/cm3 to 0.79 g/cm3)  
Residual Base Maximum 0.4 meg base/gm  
pH 8 to 10 in a 10% solution  
Package Size 25 kg (55 Ib.) paper bags  
  1000 kg (1 metric ton - 2205 Ib.) Super Sacks  
Effect of
Deicers on

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