ClearPath™ Bulk Treated Salt

What Is ClearPath ™ Treated Salt?

ClearPath™ bulk treated salt is rock salt that is pre-wetted with magnesium chloride 30% plus polymer and enhancers.

ClearPath™ Bulk Treated Salt and Pre-wetted salt Applications

ClearPath™ Bulk Treated Salt is a pre-wetted stockpile treated rock salt.  Pre-wetted salt will generally work faster and at lower temperatures according to the published data by the Federal Highway Administration, and on the Salt Institute’s website, and as reported in many studies.   If you are interested purchasing our ClearPath™ Bulk Treated Salt at wholesale pricing in bulk loads please contact us by phone or email.  Please note that our minimum order is 30 tons bulk or 22 tons of packaged and palletized treated salt in 40 lb. or 50 lb. bags.

Environmentally Preferred Products

We offer other forms of pre-wetted salt and other products which are approved and registered Environmentally Preferred Products (EPP) by state environmental protection departments.    If you are interested in purchasing EPP qualified and approved green chemistry deicing products, please contact us so we can review the choices available in your area.

ClearPath™ Bulk Treated Salt

  • Advanced ice melter that can leave dry, bare ground
  • Innovative formula delivers aggressive melting power to -10° F
  • Helps provide an “ice-shield” for upcoming storms
  • Refreeze control on elevated structures
  • Low corrosiveness
  • Superior anti-icing and de-icing capabilities
  • Advanced application control and melting ability
  • 30% to 40% less corrosive than rock salt