Blended Products – understanding the value of our TruMelt

March 5, 2015


TruMelt is a True Melt, but not all blends are “real”.

We have a problem in our industry and we are working diligently to fix it and end it; label lies.   Blended deicers that claim ingredients on the bag which are not disclosed as a percentage of the mix are wreaking havoc in our industry.   If people simply spray a mixture of dye with a additive such as CMA or magnesium chloride, when the finished product is evaluated that additive is in most cases below detection levels in a sophisticated lab.   This is a problem and we have persuaded only one other manufacturer of deicers to agree to print their formula and to full disclosure on the package, and in the market.

We will provide a certificate of analysis and or a certificate of conformance, both common documents in the chemical industry, which certifies the chemical ingredients and their percentages that are in the product being offered.    If you saw a filling station offering “regular gasoline blend” for $1.99/gallon, and you pulled in and said fill it up and the attendant took a garden hose and opened the water valve putting 19.8 gallons of water in your tank, then pulled out the hose and inserted a gas nozzle from the pump and put a quart of gasoline in on top of the water, then presented a bill for $40 would you pay it?  Of course not, but in essence, many people are doing just that; paying 3-5 value for regular rock salt dyed with photos of puppies and mountains and evergreens on the bag which imply safety but provide no statement of ingredients by percentages.

All deicers have natural background levels of other materials.  Salt typically contains trace amounts of calcium chloride and magnesium chloride, but do those trace background levels really constitute any benefit worth paying for since you get it for free when you buy a plain bag of rock salt?   To put this sharply into perspective, if we take $60/ton rock salt ($1.50/50# bag) and we put some dye on it and put it in a fancy package claiming additives on the label like they are all that’s in the bag, and you pay $10/bag for that, that is $8,500 per truckload of pure profit.  That’s obscene.  I’m sorry but that is and should be a criminal offense.   It is just killing our industry’s credibility and it must stop!

Why TruMelt?

The name is no accident:  Our TruMelt line of deicers are carefully formulated to provide actual intentionally added catalysts and premium melting ingredients to our solar salt that is carefully screened for even and identical particle size and then oven dried to provide long shelf life.  TruMelt is packed in heat heavy poly sealed bags with gusseted corners for rugged service expected in ice melters which are thrown in the back of trucks and left outside.

The reason we call TruMelt a true melt, is because we advocate truth in labeling and full disclosure in ingredients.   There are no secrets to hide about formulas; we are melting snow and ice with proven performance products and blends of these materials.

Our TruMelt3 is guaranteed and certified to contain 3 % magnesium chloride pellets along with the oven dried solar salt to ensure it will always flow and not clump or clog in standard application equipment.    The 3% magnesium chloride pellets are added to synergize the brining of the solar salt.   This helps to get the product working quickly.  In addition we add a very small amount of a biodegradable dye to help applications to not over-apply and to see where product has been applied in the first few minutes.  After a few minutes our TruMelt will be working on melting snow and ice and will leave no doubt as to what has been treated.

Our TruMelt10 is is guaranteed and certified to contain 10% magnesium chloride pellets added to our oven dried solar salt.   We oven dry all of our TruMelt products to ensure that they will always be free- flowing and not form clumps and clog in standard application equipment.    The 10% magnesium chloride pellets are a substantial catalyst that is added to quickly synergize the brining of the product, and the 90% solar salt provides on-going melting and will continue working to as low as -10F.   We also add a minute amount of green biodegradable dye to help the person applying the product so as to not over-apply by visual marker.

TruMelt12 is our third most powerful and low temperature blended product with 12% calcium chloride guaranteed.   Again using the same oven dried solar salt, we bag this product at over 150F to ensure it will remain dry and no activate in the bag, which is often a problem in blends that are true; meaning blends that do not disclose the additives by percentage.  We put it right in the product name and we are not hiding anything.

TruMelt20 is the fouth and most powerful blended product in our TruMelt line.  Containing 20% magnesium chloride pellets in each bag, all carefully blended to provide maximum melting power and synergy, the TruMelt20 is by far the most powerful blended deicer on the market.   We will provide our certified analysis and statement to back up our claim and challenge any other manufacturer to do the same.

We have been developing TruMelt in our Gettysburg PA plant for the past two years and with the heavy snows of 2013/2014/2015, it has gained wide market acceptance with nearly half a million bags in the market in just two short winters.   Customers love this product because it is a true melt, and that’s how it got is name.

If you have questions about our TruMelt products and how and where to use it, please write or email us and we’ll gladly respond!