Calcium Chloride Nuggets MSDS

Our new calcium chloride nuggets are the result of requests from the marketplace for a product which is easy to go through broadcast type spreaders but is not a round pellet or “BB” shaped particle. We frequently hear customers say “Why are we throwing down marbles on slippery snow and ice covered surfaces?” when referring to using calcium chloride pellets, which are spherical in shape. Additionally, flake forms of calcium chloride typically are difficult to use in a broadcast spreader because they seem to bridge and compact and will not pass through the spreader as easily as the pellet products.

To respond to these concerns we have developed our new Calcium Chloride Nuggets. Not flake, not a pellet, but an egg shaped irregular particle size that provides the boring through ice properties of a pellet and the stay put where it lands properties of a flake; really the best of both worlds!

Packaged in heat sealed water resistant 50 lb. polyethylene bags, this new form of calcium chloride is easy to apply and gets down to the business of melting ice quickly.

Concentrated form packs plenty of melting power into each nugget

Uniquely shaped particle allows the product to bore into ice to get the calcium chloride beneath the problem and break the frozen bond at the surface

The State of Vermont Agency of Transportation recently had their deicer laboratory test our new nuggets and they confirmed that our Calcium Chloride Nuggets are ideally suited for snow-fighting in ice prone regions. Their tests also prove that our new Calcium Chloride Nuggets provide high performance and high strength (95% CaCl2) and a perfect blend of particles that are sized to attack snow and ice without rolling away.

Let us show you how our new Nuggets can benefit your snow and ice management program, and stop watching your pellets roll away from the ice before they start working on it.

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