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ICE BAN® 300
Ice Ban 300 provides the ultimate in an environmentally friendly, performance oriented magnesium chloride product. 300 delivers the proven performance of an organically based corrosion inhibitor with an undetected Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD) value helping to significantly reduce eutrophication and algae blooms in sensitive environmental areas such as reservoirs, watersheds and waterways. Perfect for installed bridge deck systems, 300 stays liquid to –67° F to insure that in times of critical need your system will operate efficiently with no appreciable effect on the environment.

As an anti-icer and deicer, 300 provides unparalleled results with a clear, non-staining, non-tracking formula and a very mild odor. With Ice Ban 300 you can rest assured that your level of service will improve, your costs will remain low and your environment will prosper.

ICE BAN® 200
Ice Ban 200 builds upon the performance of Ice Ban 250 with a liquid meeting the standards set by the Pacific Northwest Snowfighters (PNS) Association. Combined with a magnesium chloride base, IB 200 inhibitor results in a golden colored liquid with a eutectic point of –78° F. IB 200 delivers the corrosion inhibition organic products are famous for without any of the recirculation requirements typically encountered. Ice Ban 200 is designed to adapt to all snow fighting systematic approaches; as a PNS Type 1 approved stockpile treatment, pre-wet liquid or direct spray liquid in a formula 91% less corrosive than sodium chloride.

When you need an economical, performance oriented product with the established experience only Ice Ban can deliver, look no further than IB 200; the new gold standard in liquids.

ICE BAN® 250
Ice Ban 250 started the organic inhibitor revolution, culminating with the prestigious Charles M. Pankow award for Innovative Technology from the Civil Engineering Research Foundation.

Ice Ban 250 continues the tradition with an improved all purpose formula designed for all aspects of ice and snow control. IB 250 is a magnesium chloride based product combined with the patented Ice Ban 200 organic inhibitor in a 50/50 blend. IB 250 delivers superior performance as a stockpile treatment, liquid pre-wetter or direct spray liquid with a PNS corrosion value less than that of distilled water, or 113% less corrosive than sodium chloride. With a eutectic point of –25° F, IB 250 delivers an extended working range for all chlorides, in combination with an award winning, naturally derived corrosion inhibitor.

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