Liquid Calcium Chloride MSDS

LIQUID CALCIUM CHLORIDE – Safe proven performance!

Compare dust control materials by all measures, and liquid calcium chloride is a good start.

No matter what you compare it to, liquid calcium chloride is an excellent choice in dust control agents.

Calcium chloride is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture from the air and its surroundings. This keeps unpaved surfaces damp and dust down. It also resists evaporation so a single application lasts a long time.

Calcium chloride also exhibits a strong moisture film, high surface tension, and low vapor pressure. These characteristics and calcium chloride’s thirst for moisture help bind aggregate particles together. Unpaved surfaces become and remain compacted. Over time, the chemical penetrates the surface several inches, adding a stabilizing effect to reduce frost damage and overall wear. Maintenance costs for a calcium chloride-treated road are much less than untreated roads.

Finally, and very important, when calcium chloride is applied properly, it poses no environmental concerns. After all, liquid calcium chloride is a naturally occurring brine found underground.

Base stabilization with liquid calcium chloride for better quality roads costing less to build and maintain

Perhaps the best indication of liquid calcium chloride to provide high quality, low cost dust control on unpaved road surfaces is its long history as the primary dust control material used to enhance road base stability.

Whether building new roads or rehabilitating old roads (by conventional methods or the full-depth reclamation technique), calcium chloride’s contributions are the same.

  • Achieve greater density with less compactive effort, resulting in labor, equipment, and equipment maintenance savings.
  • Achieve and maintain optimum moisture content to avoid delays waiting for bases to dry out or for water to be added.
  • Calcium chloride extends and controls the curing period which enhances stability.
  • Promotes a better bond between the road base and the surface course.
  • Provides greater surface uniformity and reduced maintenance during stage construction.
  • As little as one half of one percent calcium chloride virtually eliminates frost damage.

Our partner in liquid calcium chloride is DOW Chemical, leaders in production and research of calcium chloride products. To learn more about Dow’s Liquidow® calcium chloride, click on the links below.

Calcium chloride liquid MSDS are available in PDF form for distributing and printing.

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