LiquiThaw Crystals



LiquiThaw Crystals

Enhanced Formula With Corrosion Inhibitor

Rock salt has long been the mainstay for snow and ice control. However, it has its limitations.
Rock salt loses effectiveness significantly at 15°F; it speeds up corrosion; and the chlorides
contained within it can have negative impacts on the environment.Application

We have developed performance liquids to infuse each LiquiThaw crystal with additional
performance enhancing ingredients, both to increase effectiveness and to reduce negative
impacts. Magnesium chloride accelerates the melting process and lowers the effective melting
point to -15°F. A corrosion inhibitor helps fight against rust, while another ingredient helps
prevent black ice formation. Our color coating makes LiquiThaw Crystals visible against snow
and ice, so users can clearly see where it has been applied, and it also alerts passersby that an ice-
melter is in use. Since LiquiThaw Crystals are so much more effective than plain rock salt, you
can use less with better results. When used as directed, LiquiThaw Crystals are safer for
concrete, safer for vegetation and the environment, and safer for pets.

Some ice melt products claim to work like magic. LiquiThaw Crystals work through applied

Product Benefits

  • Each crystal is treated with liquid magnesium chloride for fast acting ice control.
  • More effective than rock salt means you can use less product with fewer applications. It’s
    friendlier to your pocketbook and to the environment.
  • Safer than rock salt for concrete, vegetation and pets when used as directed.
  • Corrosion inhibitor to reduce damage to metal surfaces.
  • Effectively melts snow and ice down to -15°F.

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