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nedMag magnesium chloride pellets



nedMag C® Magnesium Pellets are small white pastilles – half sphere pellets – of pure magnesium chloride hexahydrate produced in an ISO-9000 certified production facility in the Netherlands. ISO certification assures users that the material will always be of the same quality and consistency from bag to bag and year to year.

This unique form was developed to provide the stay-put features of a flake combined with the particle mass of a pellet to enable boring through ice to reach the surface below and release its frozen bond thus facilitating easy mechanical removal with minimal deicer use.  Pastilles outperform conventional spherical pellets when applying in wind or onto sloped or stepped surface areas where pellets will roll away from the target treatment area.  nedMag C® Magnesium Chloride Pellets are a 100% natural product harvested from magnesium rich brine reserves deep beneath the Netherlands.   Our magnesium chloride pellet products are used in many industries for a wide variety of applications including:

nedMag C® de-icing pellets can be spread easily and because of its half drop shape will stay in place and will not bounce away. Magnesium chloride pellets are ideal for the safe, non-toxic, rapid de-icing of schoolyards, gas stations, shopping centers, hospital grounds, and environmentally sensitive areas adjacent to water supplies and wetlands. The high melting capacity of our de-icing pellets prevent snow and ice from freezing to the road surface. Due to the hygroscopic characteristics it works much longer than traditional road salt. nedMag C® de-icing pellets are a 100% natural product and can be used with confidence directly or as a component of blended deicers.

Packaging’s nedMag C® Magnesium Chloride Pellets are available in 2,205 lb. (1 metric ton) super sacks, in 25 kg bags, and in 50 lb bags packed 40 or 45/pallet.  Each pallet of our nedMag C® pellets is stretch wrapped and the wooden pallet corners are each shaved at a 45o angle to minimize chances of sharp corners cutting and damaging bags and products on adjoining pallets in handling, a very nice feature that is standard in Europe.   The pallet rain cover and stretch wrapping enable temporary outside storage of product.  Additionally, when stored outside we always recommend the use of an opaque tarp to ensure that any penetrations to the rain cover and stretch wrapping do not allow moisture to sneak in, or sun to fade the packaging.

For retail customers, the bag is well designed with a see-through window showing the pure white product inside along with green label celebrating the environmentally friendly feature of this very safe and low toxicity deicer.    Your retail customers can see the product they are buying in the clear packaging!  This is the only clear packaged premium deicer currently available in the US market.

Available Warehouses: Magnesium Chloride products are available directly from seaport warehouses in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Massachusetts or through any of our regional distribution warehouses located throughout the US.

Storage and Handling Magnesium Chloride Pellets are very hygroscopic, all opened packages should be resealed promptly after use and stored in a dry place.

More Information
nedMAG Magnesium Chloride Pellets (PDF)

Naturally occurring from deep underground in the Netherlands nedMag  is a premier deicer that provides the best performance.


  • Deicing, dust control, drilling mud
  • Safer for user, pet and vegetation than calcium based products
  • Concrete, sidewalks, steps, and pavers
  • For sensitive water areas
  • LEED properties
  • Wherever a truly natural deicer is required, ideal for landscape features


2,205 lb. (1 metric ton) super sacks

25 kg bags

50 lb bags – 40 or 45 bags per pallet


Approx 1 ton


-13° F Knows Magnesium Chloride

All of our dry magnesium chloride products are packaged in 50-lb. bags, 2,205-lb. super sacks, and in bulk. We ship by the truckload, using standard van/box and flat bed trailers; by rail car; by ocean vessel; and by the container direct from the port. Consult with one of our technical representatives about how to find the product that works best for your environment and conditions. Most of our customers use a variety of snow melt and ice melt products to achieve the desired results on their properties — one product rarely satisfies all the demands of a property.

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