Super Salt Coarse Crystals with Rust Remover


Naturally evaporated
Extra coarse crystal ensures maximum percolation
No bridging or mushing
99% pure
Improves taste
Minimizes rust in tubs, toilets, sinks, etc.
Approved Use:
Our Super Salt Coarse Crystals with Rust Remover can be used in all types of softeners in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendation. The size and density of Super Salt Coarse Crystals with Rust Remover prevent the problems of bridging and mushing often found with other types of salt products.

Available in 40-, 50-, 60-, and 80-LB bags.




A premium blend of 90% oven dried, screened sodium chloride and 10% magnesium pellets.


– Concrete, sidewalks, steps, pavers

– Safer around pets and turf


50-lb. Bags – 56 bags per skid


Approx 1 ton


-10° F

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Water Conditioning Salt

Salt is also used for treating potable water (drinking water) to remove hardness or “softened” by using an ion-exchange process.

The cause of water hardness is the presence of other metal ions, typically calcium and magnesium ions. If those ions are removed, the hardness disappears. In ion-exchange, problematic ions are exchanged for desirable ones. In its original state, an ion exchange polymer or resin carries sodium ions on its surface. This has a strong affinity for larger, more highly charged calcium and magnesium ions. When hard water passes over the resin, the sodium ions are displaced. As sodium salts are more soluble than calcium and magnesium, the symptoms of hardness disappear. Although chemical and other methods can bring some control over hardness, only ion-exchange can completely remove the calcium and magnesium ions that cause it.

Water softening grades of our salt come in many forms: granular, buttons, pellets, nodules, and tablet. These specialty salts are used for water softening and are available in either sodium- chloride or potassium-chloride based. Potassium chloride water softening salts are used where additional levels of sodium are problematic, typically in people with hypertension. We also offer water conditioning salt products with additives to prevent problems associated with high iron environments.

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