Snow, Ice and Dust Control Products

Located in the heart of snowy New England, we have years of first-hand experience dealing with almost every type of snow and ice problem. In fact, we’ve taken our 50+ years of experience and combined it with new technologies to offer a complete line of performance snow melter and ice melting products. Whether you’re looking for liquid deicers or to blend deicers for optimum performance, we’ll not only show you how, but also train your personnel and help you every step of the way. We won’t leave you until we’ve found the best solution for your snow, ice, and dust management needs.

How Works

We bring you the most competitive prices since we’re a wholesale importer and distributor of a wide variety of snow melting materials, ice melting products, and dust control applications. We import bulk and packaged products directly from producers like:

How to Order Our Ice and Snow Melting Materials

Our minimum delivery is 22 tons of each product that we offer. In some cases, we can combine a variety of products into a mixed truckload, but the smallest quantity we offer is a full truckload, tank truck, railroad boxcar or tank car, bulk vessel, or ocean container of product – you choose the delivery method.

For homeowners seeking a small quantity retail purchase, many of our products are offered at retail stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Ace Hardware, Tractor Supply, Sears, and many other popular retail outlets. If your local retailer does not have our products, ask them to carry them and suggest that they contact us for supply. We always welcome distributor inquiries on any of our products as well.

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winter wizard

ClearPath® Winter Wizard

Our ClearPath® Winter Wizard with CMA has now fully replaced the discontinued packaged Blizzard Wizard. ClearPath® Winter Wizard is manufactured using the same magnesium chloride encapsulated salt method that was used on our Blizzard Wizard, however, we’ve added the calcium magnesium acetate corrosion inhibitor (CMA) to it for further product enhancement.