Dust Control – Liquid Products

Dust Control – Liquid Products

The Most Effective Road Dust Control Products…in Liquid Form!

Liquid dust control applications generally call for the highest concentration possible when using liquid calcium chloride, liquid magnesium chloride, or blended brines.    This is to put the maximum amount of the chemical workhorse of dust control down onto the surface being treated.  When using liquid calcium chloride, it is typically 35% CaCl2; when using liquid magnesium chloride, it is typically 33% MgCl2; and when using mixed or blended brines, it is whatever is commercially available for the particular brine in your region.  Natural brines normally range from 15-28% active chlorides and usually have a high level of undesirable components and contaminants which often makes them unsuitable for use in sensitive environmental areas.


Calcium Chloride: Liquid calcium chloride is hygroscopic, meaning it attracts moisture from the air and its surroundings. This keeps unpaved surfaces damp and the dust down. It also resists evaporation so a single application provides ongoing benefit. Calcium chloride’s thirst for moisture helps bind aggregate particles together. Unpaved surfaces become and remain compacted, and over time, the chemical penetrates the surface, adding a stabilizing effect to reduce frost damage and overall wear. Maintenance costs for a calcium chloride-treated road are much less than untreated roads. Calcium chloride in liquid form is the first choice for road dust control products.

Whether building new roads or rehabilitating existing roads by simply spraying calcium chloride on the surface or using it in full-depth reclamation technique, calcium chloride is the dust control material of choice.

Ask about our BioBrine CCTM for your dust control needs.

Magnesium Chloride: Magnesium Chloride is a hygroscopic, deliquescent compound that attracts moisture from the air and resists evaporation. Magnesium binds fine dust particles to keep roads stabilized, to slow the loss of aggregate, and to reduce the need for costly regrading. Liquid magnesium reduces erosion, makes unpaved surfaces harder and more compact, and helps to prevent surfaces from becoming uneven or developing potholes.

Offered in 33% liquid form, this environmentally preferred compound is used in sensitive watershed and wetland areas and in places where workers prefer the therapeutic effects of this natural compound from the Great Salt Lake and Dead Sea.

Ask about our BioBrine MCTM for your dust control needs.

BioBrine NCTM and SolNat: Offered in liquid concentrations as high as 37% total chlorides, this natural form of mixed chlorides is 100% pure from nature. Highly effective and economical, BioBrine NCTM and SolNat are harvested from brine wells in the northern US and Canada. Natural brines have been used extensively for many years, but caution must always be observed when using natural brines that have not been fully tested and certified for contaminants. These natural brines can contain contamination from hydrocarbons (brines are frequently found by accident while drilling for natural gas and oil) to radiological contaminants in the form of radon. While natural brines sound great, be careful with them because as with any mined natural material, there are veins of contamination from a broad range of sources that might be problematic. For this reason, we offer only brines that are carefully stored, tested, and constantly monitored chemically for purity and consistency to assure our customers of the highest quality natural calcium chloride, natural magnesium chloride, and natural brines available.

Ask about our new BioBrine NCTM and how it can help your dust control needs.

Packaging: All of our liquid products are sold in bulk only and are shipped in 4,500-gallon tanker trucks, or by 20,000-gallon rail car. Please contact us for information on setting up bulk liquid storage tank systems. We can provide complete turnkey storage tank systems or simply provide a specification of what you will need to successfully store bulk liquid de-icer. We do offer  55-gallon drums and 200- to 300-gallon tote tanks, also called intermediate bulk containers or IBC, through our network of distributors. Usually, IBCs and drum quantities of these commodity liquid dust control products are generally not economical when compared to bulk. For small quantities of liquids, using our dry products (along with our help in mixing solutions of calcium chloride or magnesium chloride) may be a more sensible option.

Using MAG® for Dust Control — What’s in MAG®? Is It Safe?

The active ingredient in MAG® is magnesium chloride hexahydrate. You’ll find magnesium chloride in  myriad products, including fertilizers, cosmetics, bath salts, and tofu. MAG® is less toxic than baking soda and is almost three times less toxic than salt. You can use it safely around plants and pets. Plus, there’s no residue. Read more about the safety of MAG® and magnesium chloride

Many road maintenance and surface restoration professionals are switching to MAG® to help achieve aggregate stability. MAG® easily dissolves in just minutes in most climatic conditions. Depending on traffic and weather, a single application of MAG® can last from a few weeks to several months and sometimes just one application per year is enough. MAG® also has a cumulative effect – as each new application is made, the longer it will last.

Horse Arenas

At Meltsnow.com, our MAG® product line helps control dust levels in equestrian riding surfaces. Read more about Care and Feeding of Riding Arenas with MAG® for Dust Control.  You can also directly download our PDF brochure on treating riding arenas using our MAG HERE.  We do not sell our liquid magnesium chloride for use in equine footing stabilization because it is unsuitable for this application in our experience.  Our MAG® flakes product works exceptionally well for horse arena stabilization and has for over twenty years; we guarantee it when you buy it from us or an authorized equine footings distributor!

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