Are Your Snow Melters and Deicers Underperforming? Meltsnow.Com’s Pre-Mix Cuts through Hard-Pack Snow has the experience and the ice and snow melt products to help snow-fighters work smarter and with less effort to keep their roads black and wet in all conditions. The motoring public is unforgiving in their expectations of road conditions during and after snow and ice storms. The advent of the SUV has only served to worsen this situation as emboldened drivers attempt to travel during storms instead of riding them out at home. So how do snow-fighters stay ahead of Mother Nature (and SUVs)? With pre-mix products.

What is Pre-Mix?

Pre-mix is one of the latest innovations in snow and ice control. It involves combining deicing materials into a formula that delivers high performance by using the synergy created in these combinations and enhancing low-cost deicers to perform better.

On certain types of pavement and in certain types of weather conditions, hard-pack snow can form. This most often happens when an extended period of cold is broken by a fast-moving, heavy snow and then followed again by low temperatures. The wet snow falls so quickly that it builds up on the pavement surface before road crews can mechanically remove it with plows and scrapers. Then it becomes packed onto the pavement by traffic and is nearly impossible to remove by mechanical means. When this occurs, it can bring miserable results for the crews trying to remove it. Once hard pack is in place, it’s very difficult to get rid of unless weather conditions warm up sufficiently for mechanical removal of hard pack snow.

Cutting Through Hard-Pack Snow

Anti-icing treatments with liquid or dry products can help to lower the chances of hard-pack development, but it’s not a guarantee that it will prevent it entirely. That’s why we offer pre-mix products to cut through hard-pack.

Economics dictate that trying to treat a large area (an entire stretch of highway or community, for example) with expensive performance deicers such as calcium chloride or magnesium chloride is not possible. We offer our pre-mix salt blend in bulk. Alternatively, we can train your personnel on how to prepare pre-mix by using small quantities of our dry performance deicers such as Calcium Chloride Flakes and Calcium Chloride Nuggets or our Magnesium Chloride Flakes or Magnesium Chloride Pellets. Our “super sack” package is ideally suited for storing in a corner of a salt shed to use when needed to make up a pre-mix to cut hard-pack or burn out catch basins.

What Product(s) and What Ratio(s)?

Contact us with details on your environment and the challenges it represents. We will recommend the correct product mix and the correct ratio. For example, if you have a long access hill that services heavy traffic during rush hours, has tree cover, and is facing north, you will need a “hot mix” that will provide enough punch to cut through the buildup of snow and ice and provide a safe travel surface. In this case, the “hot mix” may be a combination of rock salt with calcium chloride in a ratio of 80%-20% as an example. Sometimes adding a premium deicer to sand can have significant performance benefits with little impact on the environment.

Storing Pre-Mix

Pre-mix is not something that you’ll necessarily use regularly. In fact, you may stockpile our pre-mix performance additives and not use them for years. Stored properly and in accordance with our program, you can keep our specialty pre-mix performance additives on hand for up to four years without worries of the caking and clumping often found in other products.

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