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Caring About Safety – We Do It Every Day

We have an entire line of environment-friendly products that are state approved for use in zone-one watershed areas as well as areas adjacent to wetlands and fragile ecosystems. Safe for pets and your well water, our snow melter and ice melting products deliver performance where you need it. Snow and ice management balances performance against adverse consequences. We present multiple options for each situation. We know there’s no “silver bullet” that fits all snow and ice problems.   But we can provide you with the best possible products for your specific requirements.

Meltsnow.Com: Here for You 24/7

Free training, sales materials, literature, samples, and 24-hour support are all part of our commitment to you, our customers and distributors. We’re headquartered in Massachusetts, but we service the Northeast U.S. and Canada (NC, VA, MD, WV, PA, DL, OH, IN, NY, NJ, CT, RI, MA, VT, NH, ME, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick).

If you have a problem with any of our snow melting chemicals or ice melt products or you need to place an order, we’re here to help you through it, meet your needs, and find solutions to your challenges in snow, ice, and dust control. Whether it’s 3 PM or 3 AM, a weekend or a holiday, our snow and ice-support teams are on call 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We’re here when you need us!

If you’re a consumer or individual property manager, we can help you find the answers to your winter maintenance problems through our extensive network of distributors located in nearly every major city that experiences snow in the Northeast United States and Canada. Wholesale Prices Deliver the Best Value

Since we sell exclusively wholesale, you’ll find our prices are generally much lower than normal channels. In many cases, we import and ship to you directly from ice melter manufacturers, eliminating layer upon layer of middle men and passing the savings along to you. We stock our products in strategically located warehouses and bulk-liquid terminals throughout the Snow Belt, further assuring

trumelt, the true melt blended deicer


The True Melt Blended Deicer

Our TruMelt line of deicers are carefully formulated to provide actual intentionally added catalysts and premium melting ingredients to our solar salt that is carefully screened for even and identical particle size and then oven dried to provide long shelf life. Learn More »