State of the Salt

STATE OF THE SALT – Pre-season 2015/16

“Here we go again”     That phrase can apply to a lot of things in life; positive things, negative things, but it always implies that it’s something with which you are familiar.     So when I open this edition of my State of the Salt Address with that phrase, you know it’s not going to contain […]

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  THE PERFECT STORM – An industry still recovering As Yogi Berra famously said; “it ain’t over until it’s over”. With regards to the painful salt and premium deicer supply shortages that began last December, they are not over.   On-going challenging resupply scenarios continue to impact the market and those who have been complacent will […]

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State of the Salt Address – January 2014

Saltpocolypse 2013/2014 – What happened? For the past four decades of my professional life, I’ve been involved in the production and distribution of winter deicing chemicals.   In the 70s, we brought in rail cars upon rail cars of packaged products over the summer months because we knew that the seasonality of demand meant that what […]

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Global Cooling…

We are pleased to share this May 28, 2013 article from Forbes website which echoes our view on Global Warming and sunspots; a subject you will find in nearly every state of the salt address we’ve published since our beginning. The science is coming together that strongly indicates that the last act of global warming […]

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State of the Salt – Summer 2012

The winter of 2011/2012 proved to be the warmest winter on record for the US and Canada and the fallout of that weather event will ripple through the salt and deicing industry for at least a couple of years.  The sole exception was Alaska who saw record snowfalls and cold. SALT There is a general […]

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State of the Salt Address – Pre-Season 2011-2012

I’m a follower of the book Super Freakonomics (the sequel to Freakonomics) which is a book about economic trends based on common sense observations.   This installment of my State of the Salt Newsletter contains my view of common sense observations as they relate to the deicing market and deicer supply lines.   As always, I try […]

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State of the Salt – Summer 2010

It has been a year since I last published a State of the Salt Address, however, changes in the market, changes in global supply positions, and the weather  are all factors I’d like to talk about in this installment of my market newsletter.   As always, this newsletter is filled with hyperlinks of my reference sources […]

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State of the Salt: Jan 2009

In this month’s newsletter, we will update some of that information. Like previous newsletters, we provide dozens of links to the data and we openly share with you how we interpret this information. You can look at the same tea leaves as we do and decide if you see it the same way or not.

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State of the Salt: November 2008

Things have not changed in a positive way and deicer inventories are not sufficient to meet demand on a National scale. The US market is still well over 2MM tons short on highway salt. Packaged deicers seem to be in deeper trouble and shortages in premium deicers are now reality as we predicted.

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State of the Salt: October 2008

In a nutshell, we still read the information pretty much the same as we did in September; deicer inventories are not sufficient to meet demand on a National scale. The US market is still well over 2MM tons short on highway salt. OK, so that’s the bad news. The good news is that those of us who are located along the Atlantic seaboard are not anywhere nearly as hard hit by this as those customers in the Midwest and Central United States.

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State of the Salt: September 2008

As we began the 2008/2009 deicer season, early signs of trouble began to emerge: state bids and contracts were getting across-the-board “no bid” on deicer requirements; the private and contractor markets were told there was no deicer available for them for the coming season and that they needed to make alternate arrangements – even in places where long term relationships were in place; and the largest and most significant factor being that bid prices on salt bids were doubling, then tripling, and then even going higher.

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