Salt Spreader deicing


Whether you are an experienced professional applying liquid or dry snow, ice, or dust control products, or, you are applying our products for the first time, proper application is as important as selecting the right product for the task.

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These pages are for seasoned professional contractors for snow removal as well as the homeowner who wonders how to best apply our deicing products which they might have purchased at retail.

Dust control application information, as well as snow and ice control applications are broken into two main areas: dry and liquid.

More Ways Our Snow Melter and Ice Melting Products Can Help Our Roads…

There’s a new wet-weather driving pavement surface called Open Graded Friction Course (OGFC) pavement. It’s known generically as “popcorn pavement,” and its design is such that it contains huge voids that allow water to penetrate and run under the driving surface, thereby dramatically reducing hydroplaning and increasing the friction coefficient in wet weather.

This product was invented in Florida and has only recently been applied in New England, with limited success. You’ve likely driven on some if you’ve ever been driving in a heavy rain and all of sudden you go from being blinded by truck tire spray to it looking like the rain let up. But when you look at the windshield, you realize it’s still raining hard. You’re on a different driving surface that is not allowing water to pool. That’s more than likely “OGFC.” While this works great in Florida, it’s a road-maintenance foreman’s worst nightmare in freezing climates because if the water in the OGFC freezes, it will expand and blow up the pavement surface.