Dust Control

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Dust is not only a nuisance, but also a danger. It contributes to:

  • Respiratory health problems
  • Crop damage
  • Surface damage to roads
  • Erosion and washouts
  • Wear and tear of cars and trucks
  • Loss of footing (inside equestrian arenas, for example)

At Meltsnow.com, we stock a complete line of performance, chloride-based products for total dust control. All of our products work in pretty much the same way: they attract atmospheric moisture, binding fine dust particles. Surfaces stay damp, which holds down the dust, reduces erosion, and protects the surface of roads from loss of fines, which are the binder that hold the gravel and aggregates in the roadways. This is important to the condition and lifespan of the unpaved roadway.

Other Benefits of Dust Control

  • Immediate suppression of dust upon treatment (in most cases)
  • One application will last from a few weeks to many months or longer, depending upon conditions, soil type, and rainfall frequency
  • “Cumulative effect” — every time you apply our products, the longer they will last
  • Ideal for rural road maintenance, recreation field access roads, riding arenas, recreational surfaces, clay tennis courts
  • Most of our products will not irritate paws, hooves, or skin, and MAG is approved for use in sensitive environmental areas
  • Works well on all types of dust and on all types of road surfaces (not suitable for use on hard floors for dust control)

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