Clear Path Winter Wizard




Magnesium Chloride Treated Ice Melt

Our CLEAR PATH ICE MELTERTM WINTER WIZARD blend has an improved formula that includes corrosion inhibiting CMA (Calcium Magnesium Acetate) and Magnesium Chloride in an encapsulated coating that has proven performance.

Winter Wizard continues to utilize our fully biodegradable green dye that will stay visible long enough to show where product has been applied, and it quickly dissipates for clean and clear pathways and reduced staining potential.

We have further improved Clear Path Ice Melter™ Winter Wizard with a new EPA approved polymer binder (one that is used in fertilizer systems) while keeping all  the high performance characteristics of our most successful blend. Concentrated (30%) liquid magnesium chloride and liquid CMA encapsulate each crystal to provide a high performance product at a value price.  

  • Performance blend melts snow and ice to -10°F
  • 50 lb. heat sealed plastic bags packed 49/pallet
  • 48”x40” 4 way entry pallets stretch wrapped with bottom slip sheet
  • Attractive translucent packaging with bar coding that has excellent retail appeal
  • Uniform particle size to facilitate easy flow in most spreaders
  • Aggressive melting performance
  • Encapsulated with liquid CMA and magnesium chloride for enhanced performance
  • Developed and tested in New England to perform in severe winter weather
  • Pre-wetted so it is less impactful to the environment
  • Reduces potential damage to surface, vegetation, & turf when used as directed
  • Greater surface adherence
  • Tinted with green color for application verification
  • Made proudly in USA
  • Long-lasting residual effects
  • Slow dilution

Our Clear Path Ice Melter™ Winter Wizard encapsulated salt is formulated for tough New England winters to provide reliable high quality melting power through encapsulation of each particle of salt with our 30% liquid magnesium chloride and liquid CMA encapsulation process. With normally treated salt products the liquid activates the salt and that can make a messy finished product that can leak or bleed out some of the liquid when stored in warmer storage areas and/or result in a clumpy product. Clear Path Ice Melter™ Winter Wizard starts with carefully screened salt which is then put through an extensive drying process using 170˚ ovens. It is then treated with liquid magnesium chloride and liquid CMA with an EPA tested and certified (EPA WET 2021.0) non-toxic polymer binder to hold the liquid coating on each salt crystal and not allow it to activate until it gets supplemental moisture on contact with the snow.


  • Deicing
  • Sidewalks, walkways, entryways
  • Areas with surrounding vegetation


  • 50-lb. Bags – 49 bags per pallet
  • 48″x40″ 4-way entry pallets stretch wrapped with bottom slip sheet

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Truck load


-10° F Knows Magnesium Chloride

All of our dry magnesium chloride products are packaged in 50-lb. bags, 2,205-lb. super sacks, and in bulk. We ship by the truckload, using standard van/box and flat bed trailers; by rail car; by ocean vessel; and by the container direct from the port. Consult with one of our technical representatives about how to find the product that works best for your environment and conditions. Most of our customers use a variety of snow melt and ice melt products to achieve the desired results on their properties — one product rarely satisfies all the demands of a property.

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