Calcium Chloride

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Calcium Chloride

High Quality & Effective Calcium Chloride Ice Melting, Snow Melting, and Dust Control Products.

Calcium chloride ( chemical formula CaCl2:XH2O)  is a salt of calcium and chlorine and is commercially sold in:

  • anhydrous CaCl2:0H2O
  • monohydrate CaCl2:1H2O
  • a di-hydrate CaCl2:2H2O

Calcium chloride is a naturally occurring compound produced and found worldwide and commercially sold for ice melting, snow melting, and dust control applications.

Typically, when calcium chloride is found in nature, it is in a liquid form and always coupled with other mineral salts, such as potassium chloride (potash), sodium chloride (salt brine), and magnesium chloride. These natural brines frequently provide the feedstock for the processes which produce calcium chloride as a by-product as the other minerals are removed and processed for their respective markets.

Common applications for calcium chloride include:

  • Snow, ice, and dust control
  • As an accelerator in concrete to decrease set times in cold weather
  • As a refrigeration brine for skating rinks and cold storage facilities
  • As a desiccant to scavenge moisture where it will adsorb so much water that it will eventually dissolve into the water it attracts

There are many methods of manufacturing calcium chloride:

  • As a co-product stream of magnesium metal and magnesium derivatives
  • By reacting hydrochloric acid with high calcium limestone
  • As a by-product of the Solvay process

Because of its hygroscopic nature, all forms of calcium chloride must be kept in tightly-sealed containers. Calcium chloride has been used for over 100 years in North America as a road base stabilizer and dust agent, and in the last fifty years it has gained significant use as a roadway deicer.

Paved surfaces covered with snow and ice pose serious public safety hazards. You can improve safety for drivers and pedestrians by treating roads, parking lots, driveways, and walkways with extra-fast working calcium chloride products that provide dependable snow removal with minimal damage. offers all forms of calcium chloride, including the following:

Buying, Packaging, and Shipping Calcium Chloride:

In addition to our partnership with Occidental Chemical/OXY, we import chlorides for snow melt directly from the ice and snow melting chemical manufacturers in Europe, Asia and South America. We use bulk vessels that ship ice melt products to ports along the Eastern United States, including Boston, MA; New Bedford, MA; Providence, RI; New Haven, CT; Carteret, NJ; and Baltimore, MD.

Our warehouses are strategically located to support the North East and provide inventory distribution to points west where snow and ice are challenges that affect large population centers.

Calcium chloride dry products are commercially available as 77-87% CaCl2 flake, 74-96% CaCl2 pellets, 80% powder, and, 77% calcium chloride nuggets.  Please contact us for MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) or Certificate of Analysis on any of the calcium chloride snow melt products we supply to the marketplace.

We package calcium chloride typically in one of three ways:

  • 50-pound bags shipped on pallets (minimum orders required)
  • 2,000- and 2,205-pound bags called super sacks or “FIBCs” (flexible intermediate bulk containers)
  • Bulk rail delivery

Calcium chloride has long been proven as a professional grade snow and ice melter. It consistently delivers safe surfaces for commercial and residential building owners and facilities managers without damaging granite steps, tile entrance ways, or sensitive environmentally friendly landscape features and surrounding vegetation. provides a reliable supply, consistent quality, timely response, leading technical service and, exceptional customer support for all your winter snow and ice melter requirements.

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