Dowflake Calcium Chloride

DowFlaketm Xtra is clearly superior

The advantages of calcium chloride flakes for snow and ice removal are that they provide a large flat surface area and stay put when applied. The flat profile allows them to sit on surfaces that are slopped or exposed to wind that would typically have “roll-off” when using a pellet style deicer.  They also easily pass through ice melt spreaders and equipment freely providing an even and consistent coverage when applied.

Calcium chloride flakes, like DowFlaketm Xtra, are highly effective at cold temperatures down to -25F.

DowFlaketm Xtra when used as part of a “HotMix”, provides additional performance benefits when mixed it with rock salt and or sand.  When mixed with rock salt it performs faster and at lower temperatures.  Using Calcium Chloride flake in a dry mix can reduce salt use by as much as 60% when blended in a 1:4 ratio with rock salt.

Additionally adding DowFlaketm Xtra to sand helps keep it free flowing in cold temperatures and provides a spike in temperature improving the performance of the sand.

DowFlaketm Xtra Calcium Chloride Flake is a fast, effective ice-melt material:

  • DowFlaketm Xtra contains 83-87% calcium chloride, so you can melt ice and snow faster and across a wider temperature range.

“Xtra” Concentration for “Xtra” Ice-Melting Speed

At 20’F (-7’C) melt more ice and snow in 20 minutes with DowFlaketm Xtra melts approximately:

  • 35% more ice than rock salt
  • 130% more ice than urea
  • 400% more ice than potassium chloride

“Xtra” ice-melting power means:

  • 10% more calcium chloride than other conventional 77% flake products
  • Concentrated formula so less is required per application
  • Melts ice faster in wider temperature ranges
  • Works in a variety of settings from road ways to pedestrian entry ways

“HotMix”, use DowFlaketm Xtra for additional performance benefits, mix it with rock salt and or sand:

  • Makes rock salt work faster and at lower temperatures
  • Helps keep sand free flowing in cold temperatures
  • Reduce salt use by as much as 60% when blended 1:4 with rock salt

Ice Melter Ingredients

While most ice melters are composed of one or more, or a blend, of active ingredients, there are performance differences among the following:

  • Calcium Chloride (Cacl2)
  • Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
  • Potassium Chloride (KCl)
  • Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2)
  • Urea

DowFlaketm Xtra contains 83-87% pure calcium chloride, so it is the main ingredient.

Melting Power – More Performance for Less

High performance is scientifically engineered into every DowFlaketm Xtra flake by way of it’s:

  • Ability to attract moisture from its surroundings
  • Heat-generating reaction (please request free sample for demonstration)
  • Flat shape

Each of these characteristics makes DowFlaketm Xtra flakes perform better.

Moisture – Melting accelerated by faster brine creation

  • An ice melter’s speed depends on how easily it dissolves to form a brine solution upon contact with snow or ice
  • Brine lowers the freezing point of water and melts now and ice on contact
  • DowFlaketmXtra attracts moisture from its surroundings

Advantage: DowFlaketm Xtra creates brine faster, giving its melting action a head start

Heat – Better performance across a wider range of temperatures

  • When DowFlaketm Xtra is working, the reaction that creates brine also generates heat, making the pellets exothermic and more effective at colder temperatures than other products
  • Other products are endothermic and only draw heat from the outside

Advantage: DowFlaketm Xtra works even when the temperature plummets to -25’F

Shape – Flat provides excellent adhesion on windy or sloped environments

  • The flat shape of DowFlaketm flake enables them to sit and adhere to surfaces under extreme conditions

Advantage: DowFlaketm breaks the bond with the ground surface more quickly allowing for improved ice and snow removal

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