Premier Snow and Ice Melter

When you need to buy professional grade ice melting materials, no ice and snow melt is as effective as Peladowtm calcium chloride pellets.  In the snowy cities of Chicago, Cleveland, Boston, and New York, icy sidewalks and parking lots require a high performance deicer that can burn through hard pack snow and ice.  Peladowtm brand calcium chloride pellets are the defacto standard of pellet deicers in North America, and are available in truckload shipments directly from our locations in Ludington, MI, Mansfield, MA, and Piscataway, NJ.

Calcium chloride pellets, like Peladowtm, are highly effective at cold temperatures down to -25F.  In fact, Peladowtm calcium chloride pellets are the only deicer that will continue to melt ice dams and hard pack in extremely cold environments.   In cities like Baltimore, Washington, Richmond, and Philadelphia that were hard hit by record snow fall in 2009 and 2010, Peladowtm continues to be the premier choice for snow-fighting during these storms.

No other ice-melt product works on snow and ice better than Peladowtm Calcium Chloride Pellets.

This has been proven by:

  • Comparative performance tests
  • Scientific research

Distinguished from Other Ice Melters

Peladowtm Calcium Chloride Pellets:

  • Contain 90% calcium chloride, the most effective material for melting ice and snow
  • Melt ice faster than competing ice-melt materials
  • Absorb moisture and release heat to speed melting (ask for sample packs for demonstration)
  • Penetrate through ice up to 3 times faster than competing materials
  • Perform in a wide range of winter temperatures, even in extreme cold

Typical Applications:

Use Peladowtm to melt snow and ice on:

  • Steps – Including granite, concrete, tile, and brick
  • Sidewalks – Bluestone, natural flagging, pavers, and pave stone
  • Driveways – Asphalt, stamped concrete,
  • Parking lots

The Professional’s Premier Choice

Professionals use Peladowtm for:

  • Commercial and industrial buildings
  • Multifamily residential buildings
  • Hospitals and university campuses
  • Municipal buildings
  • Homes
  • Casinos

Ice Melter Ingredients:

While most ice melters are composed of one or more, or a blend, of active ingredients, there are performance differences among the following:

  • Calcium Chloride (Cacl2)
  • Sodium Chloride (NaCl)
  • Potassium Chloride (KCl)
  • Magnesium Chloride (MgCl2)
  • Urea

Peladowtm contains 90% calcium chloride, so you can melt ice faster and across a wider temperature range.

Peladowtm melts ice faster than the competition.

In the first 20 minutes at 20’F (-7’C) Peladowtm melts approximately:

  • 2X more than rock salt
  • 3X more ice than urea
  • 7X more ice than potassium chloride

The Science of Snow and Ice Control

High performance is scientifically engineered into every Peladowtm pellet by way of it’s:

  • Ability to attract moisture from its surroundings
  • Heat-generating reaction (please request free sample for demonstration)
  • Round shape

Each of these characteristics makes Peladowtm pellets perform better.

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