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TruMelt™’s TruMelt™ blend combines two proven ice-melting compounds; solar evaporated and oven dried sodium chloride and high purity magnesium chloride pellets. Using the lessons learned from pre-wetting salt, the combination of high performance magnesium chloride with inexpensive sodium chloride combined gives us the best of both worlds; economy and performance.

The difference is crystal clear

What differentiates’s TruMelt™ from other blended products is the full disclosure label and high performance ingredients.   Together, sodium chloride and magnesium chloride melt ice more efficiently and cost-effectively than either compound alone.  TruMelt™ is a very lightly tinted with a non-staining organic (biodegradeable) geen colorant to enhance application visiblilty.  Snow fighting professionals that are looking for full disclosure of ingredients need look no further than our TruMelt™ whch is true to its name.    TruMelt™ is the premier choice for commercial and residential applications.  With the synergy of 10% Magnesium Chloride Pellets, TruMelt™ will continue working down to -10F (-21C).

Optimal size:  Our TruMelt™ is carefully screened and sized for the maximum melting and accurate coverage.  No fines to blow away while using a spreader in windy winter conditions, and no crystals larger than ¼ inch in diameter ensure glass doors won’t be broken by flying chunks off the spreaders.   This provides maximum traction and safety on snow and ice while minimizing fugitive dust.

Free Flowing: TruMelt™ is blended from clean solar evaporated salt and is dryer and more free flowing an any ice melter on the market and provides a clump free product for ease of application.

Full disclosure: We are showing our formula because we are very proud of it.  We have nothing to hide and you will find full disclosure of ingredients.  When other melters say “proprietary” or “secret” under ingredients, there is a reason they don’t want to comply with Federal Right-To-Know laws with full disclosure.   As our customer, it is vitally important that you know exactly what you are buying and using and we will make available full product breakdowns for any customer.   Try to get this level of detail from any of your current suppliers.    That is a challenge to you so please, ask your supplier to give you a certified breakdown of ingredients just like does.

If you want a clear path at an economical price, try TruMelt™ from!

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