TruMelt 12% Calcium


TruMelt™ 12% Calcium

TruMelt™ 12% is a premium blend of 88% oven dried, screened sodium chloride and 12% calcium chloride flakes. Snow fighting professionals that are looking for full disclosure of ingredients, need look no further. TruMelt™ is true to its name. We disclose the truth about ingredients and true effectiveness. TruMelt™ 12% is the premier choice for commercial and residential applications. Due to the inclusion of 12% calcium flakes, it melts effectively down to a low temperature of -20°F.

TruMelt™ 12% is screened to optimal crystal size for maximum traction and accurate spreading. Small dusty fines and large crystals above ¼ inch in diameter are removed. TruMelt™ is more free flowing than any ice melter on the market and provides a clump-free product for ease of application. TruMelt™ 12% is very lightly tinted with a non-staining organic (biodegradable) green colorant to enhance accuracy and visibility. It is non-staining and safe for sidewalks and floors.

TruMelt™ 12% is safer on concrete surfaces than other blends due to the inclusion rate of 12% calcium flakes. With 12% calcium flakes, the melting point is lower and minimizes freeze/thaw cycles and provides more protection from concrete damage such a spalling and chipping.

Recommended Uses | Concrete, sidewalks, steps, and pavers


  • Melting effectiveness to -20° F
  • Increased concrete protection against freeze/thaw cycles


  • Calcium may burn skin of user and pet paws


50-lb bags, 56 bags/skid

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