Dead Sea Works MAG Pellets



Dead Sea Works MAG Pellets

Naturally harvested from the Dead Sea, MAG®is a premier de-icer and premium ice melt product that provides the best performance. It also has the least impact on surrounding areas, which helps to greatly reduce the adverse effects typically associated with chemicals used to combat ice and snow hazards.

Why Use MAG® as your snow and ice melt chemical of choice? The reasons are many.

MAG® out-performs other ice melters.

It melts ice effectively at temperatures as low as -13°F (-25°C), which is considerably below most other products. And it works fast. In tests at 21°F, within 15 minutes of application, MAG melted twice as much ice as rock salt (halite). Whether at home or at the workplace , safety is a critical issue; walkways must be kept clear to avoid injuries.

MAG® is safer for concrete.

The use of most ice melters can result in damage to concrete sidewalks and driveways. So when you choose or recommend a premium ice melt for concrete, keep this in mind: Independent tests conducted by the National Research Council’s Strategic Highway Research Program (SHRP) show that other products caused significantly more chipping and scaling than MAG®. Two additional independent tests by the Virginia Department of Transportation and the Swedish VTI confirm SHRP’s findings that MAG® is significantly safer on concrete.

MAG® is safer for people and pets.

When it comes to children and pets, you want peace of mind. MAG®’s very low toxicity (almost three times less toxic than common table salt and eight times less toxic than calcium chloride) makes it much safer to use around residential areas and workplaces. And unlike some ice melters, MAG® won’t burn or irritate the skin. As we all know, wintry weather won’t keep dogs or cats inside. With MAG®, there’s less worry when pets lick their paws when they return from a walk. MAG® is actually used in some farm feed stocks as a mineral supplement.

MAG® is safer for the environment.

Each spring, the runoff from melting ice and snow dumps harmful chlorides into lakes, rivers, and reservoirs. When MAG® is used, chloride contamination in surface waters is reduced because environmentally friendly MAG® contains at least one-third less chlorides than either calcium chloride or sodium chloride.

MAG® is safer for plants.

Winter is hard enough on plants and shrubs without the added damage caused by some ice melters. Using MAG® as directed keeps green areas healthier. Magnesium is a common ingredient in most fertilizers.

Advantages of Using Magnesium Chloride Flakes and Pellets

MAG® Pellets – Magnesium chloride pellets are a spherical shape and work very well with ice melt spreaders. They do tend to roll like small BBs, which in some applications is an advantage and in others, a disadvantage. The pellet or spherical shape provides performance benefits as their interface with ice and snow is more concentrated and allows them to “bore” into and down under the icy surface creating a brine underneath. This makes for easier mechanical clearing by helping to loosen the bond of ice to the surface that is being cleared.

We import MAG® Products from the Dead Sea Works directly, which provides the best economical channel for the end user. Please contact us at 800-637-4504 to determine which of our warehouses along the North Eastern United States is best situated to ship truckloads of MAG® Pellet and truckloads of MAG® Flake to you.

More Information

MAG® de-icer brochure (PDF)

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Naturally harvested from the Dead Sea, MAG® is a premier deicer, and premium ice melt product that provides the best performance.  MAG® provides excellent melting power with the least amount of environmental impact.


  • Concrete, sidewalks, steps, and pavers
  • Safer around pets, turf, and vegetation
  • For sensitive water areas
  • LEED properties
  • Wherever a truly natural deicer is required, ideal for landscape features


50-lb. Bags – 48 bags per pallet

2,205 lb. Super Sacks


Full Truckload – Ask about pallet quantities


-13° F Knows Magnesium Chloride

All of our dry magnesium chloride products are packaged in 50-lb. bags, 2,205-lb. super sacks, and in bulk. We ship by the truckload, using standard van/box and flat bed trailers; by rail car; by ocean vessel; and by the container direct from the port. Consult with one of our technical representatives about how to find the product that works best for your environment and conditions. Most of our customers use a variety of snow melt and ice melt products to achieve the desired results on their properties — one product rarely satisfies all the demands of a property.

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