Liquid Calcium Chloride

bulk_liquid_deicer_tanker – Home Of Liquid Calcium Chloride for Ice Melting, Snow Melting offers calcium chloride liquid in any concentration and can be modified with agricultural additives and corrosion inhibitors like IceBan, Caliper, and more.

Use our liquid calcium chloride products for deicing, salt wetting, and pre-treatment in advance of snow to prevent the formation of ice. Consult with one of our technical representatives to find the product that works best for your environment and conditions. Most of our customers use a variety of snow and ice melting products to achieve the desired results on their properties. Rarely does one product satisfy all the demands of a property.

Our Liquid Calcium Chloride Products

SOLUTIONS  Liquid Calcium Chloride is a liquid  form of calcium chloride. It is available in concentrations ranging from 1–45% and is available modified with agricultural additives and corrosion inhibitors like IceBan, Caliper, and others.

SOLUTIONS Liquid Calcium Chloride meets ASTM D 98 and AASHTO M144 requirements for calcium chloride purity. ASTM classification for SOLUTIONS Calcium Chloride is “Type L.”

Liquid Calcium Chloride Applications

SOLUTIONS  Liquid Calcium Chloride is primarily used for anti icing, pre-wetting, and road maintenance, including dust control of unpaved roads and parking lots. SOLUTIONS Liquid Calcium Chloride also has a large number of other uses. Examples are generally industrial in nature and include concrete acceleration, tire weighting, brine refrigeration systems, wastewater treatment, and as a calcium source for chemical processing.

  • Anti-Icing
  • Ice Control
  • Pre-Wetting
  • Dust Control
  • Full-Depth Road Surface Reclamation


SOLUTIONS  Liquid Calcium Chloride works well for winter deicing applications because it combines a low freezing point with a concentration that is higher than other liquid deicers. Liquid calcium chloride is ideal for anti-icing systems, which involve treating surfaces prior to a winter event. This allows a proactive approach to snow fighting by applying the solution on roads and parking areas. As the ice and snow fall, the moisture activates the application and creates a brine. The anti-icing process melts the first couple of centimeters of snow. The benefit? The mechanical clearing becomes significantly easier as the bonding of the ice and snow to the road is diminished, providing an easier and more time-efficient process. Typically, the clearing blade will get down to the pavement, allowing for effective subsequent treatments and the prevention of “hard pack.”


SOLUTIONS  Liquid Calcium Chloride is also used to pre wet dry products, like rock salt and sand in order to improve their performance. The added moisture when sprayed on dry material has several benefits including less material used with similar performance. Moist salt sits on the surface and “scatter” from traffic is reduced saving material cost and benefiting the surrounding environment with less material on the shoulder of the road. The liquid calcium activates the brining process of the salt, providing a spike in temperature, which improves performance at significantly lower temperatures when compared to straight salt without pre-wetting. Typically the liquid calcium is sprayed right at the spinner just before the salt scatters on the desired surface that is being treated. offers calcium chloride liquid in any concentration. We also offer enhanced product with additives like corrosion inhibitors, and agriculture derived carbohydrates, examples are IceBan, Caliper, Magic-0, and Ice-B-Gone.


  • anti-icing systems
  • deicing
  • pre-treatment
  • salt wetting or pre wetting
  • spraying in advance of snow, to prevent the formation of ice.


bulk tank truck and rail car


bulk tank truck or rail car


-25° F

Liquid Calcium Chloride – What You Should Know

Additives like the ones mentioned above can be beneficial. That said, you should always carefully evaluate the additive to be sure it delivers what you want and expect. Many of the additives are biodegradable. This means that after the additive has biodegraded, there’s no more protection against chloride attack. While many people don’t understand this one aspect (and some other distributors don’t bother to educate their customers), we at feel it’s essential that you know as much as possible about the products you’re using. Call us so that we can recommend the right product mix and concentration levels for your application.

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