Click on the links below to download the Safety Data Sheet for the related product for the 2015 Global Harmonized System Safety Data Sheet laws. In June 2015, Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDS’s were superseded by the new GHS standards for SDS documents.

Performance Deicing and Dust Control Products:

» MAG Pellets SDS Sheet (PDF)
» PELADOW Premier Pellets SDS Sheet (PDF)
» ClearPath®Winter Wizard SDS (PDF)
» Blizzard Wizard SDS Sheet (PDF)
» Potassium Chloride SDS Sheet (PDF)
» UREA SDS Sheet (PDF)
» Calcium Magnesium Acetate CMA SDS Sheet (PDF)
» Sodium Acetate NAAC SDS (PDF)
» TruMelt3 3% Magnesium Pellets IceMelter SDS (PDF)
» TruMelt10 10% Magnesium Pellets IceMelter SDS (PDF)
» TruMelt12 12% Calcium Chloride IceMelter SDS (PDF)
» TruMelt20 20% Magnesium Pellets IceMelter SDS (PDF)

Liquid Deicing and dust control products:

» Calcium Chloride Liquid 32% SDS Sheet (PDF)
» Magnesium Chloride Liquid 27% Ultra 1000 SDS Sheet (PDF)

Dry Bulk Deicing and dust control products

» Bulk Rock Salt – Ice Control SDS (PDF)
» ClearPath® Bulk Treated SDS (PDF)
» Magic Salt SDS Sheet (PDF)
» MAG Pellets SDS Sheet (PDF)

trumelt, the true melt blended deicer


The True Melt Blended Deicer

Our TruMelt line of deicers are carefully formulated to provide actual intentionally added catalysts and premium melting ingredients to our solar salt that is carefully screened for even and identical particle size and then oven dried to provide long shelf life. Learn More »